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Whether we’re worried about the outcome of an upcoming event or just vaguely curious about the direction our lives are taking, getting a tarot reading or a personal numerology report usually sets our minds at ease. Moreover, these divination techniques often help us prepare for the future — whatever it may hold.

Even so, we’re aware that many people are still on the fence about such services. But such doubts are usually based on the many misconceptions about tarot and numerology. With that in mind, we wanted to take the time to set the record straight.

Experience the Power of Foresight! Get a Personal Tarot Reading Today

As they say, hindsight is 20/20. But wouldn’t it be nice to know when something big is coming our way? Tarot cards can reveal to us potential opportunities and obstacles that might present themselves in the near future. However, they can also hint at events that might happen further down the line.

But really, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the benefits we might get from a professional tarot reading. So let’s start there. If you doubt the power of tarot cards, perhaps the advantages we’re about to discuss will help you overcome your hesitation.


The Benefits of Tarot Card Readings

Skeptics often dismiss spiritual tools like tarot cards and numerology out of hand. But even if you don’t put much stock in the occult, you can still gain useful insights from tarot sessions. Similarly, knowing your life path number and personality type according to numerology can help you understand yourself and interpret your future.

With that in mind, both of those divination services have similar benefits. Whether you get professional readings or you develop a personal connection with the cards, you’ll experience significant improvements in your overall well-being. For example, divination services like these can help us: 

  • Process the things that have been happening to us and gain a greater understanding of them

  • Solve problems and even prepare for incoming bumps in the road

  • Manifest our thoughts through the cards — sometimes, seeing a visual representation of our worries is enough to dispel them

  • Realize which areas of our lives need work

  • Make important life decisions

  • Nurture our relationships

If nothing else, getting daily or at least regular tarot card readings also allows us to anchor our lives around that ritual. Much like an exercise class or a crafting group, tarot can be a great way to recenter ourselves. So if you’ve been wondering why some people put so much faith in tarot — perhaps they’re just enjoying these benefits.


The Fascinating History of Tarot Cards

Believe it or not, tarot cards didn’t start out as tools of the occult. When they first came to Europe in the 15th century, tarocchi cards, as the Italians called them, were simple playing cards. It’s only in the 18th century that the practice of divination through tarot cards started taking shape. 

By the late 18th century, Jean-Baptiste Alliette, writing under the pseudonym Etteilla, published the first guide to tarot card reading along with his own deck. The book explained the symbolic meanings behind each card, incorporating knowledge of astronomy and the four elements. The Frenchman also made suggestions for the drawing order and spread of the cards which we still use today! 

After that, the practice of tarot card reading remained pretty much the same until the early 20th century. In 1909, publisher William Rider and tarot reader A. E. Waite came up with the Rider-Waite deck. Even now, most people are familiar with the motifs illustrated on those cards. And since the deck came with a printed guide of meanings, hobbyists were able to interpret their own spreads. 

Since then, the popularity of tarot card readings has only continued to grow. However, the renewed interest in the occult that came about in the ‘60s and ‘70s led to yet another reprint of the traditional deck. At that point, the Rider-Waite deck was published alongside a more comprehensive guidebook by Stephen R. Kaplan. 

Now, the deck most people use consists of the 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 cards from the Minor Arcana. Naturally, each card carries its own meaning, and the order in which we take them from the deck also speaks volumes.



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Where Can We Get Free Tarot Card Readings? 

Nowadays, many services promise free and accurate tarot card readings. But can we really rely on such claims? To discover that, let’s talk about where one might go to get a tarot reading for free. The first options we have are online reads and mobile apps — though, those are far from ideal. Generally, those kinds of algorithms just spit out cards at random and present the users with the official meanings. But as we know, tarot reading is about more than just spitting out the dry information about different cards. 

A skilled reader should be able to interpret the spread based on the cards’ meanings as well as the context clues we give them. That’s why we should always get readings that have a real person drawing the cards. 

To get that, we’d have to go for the second option — tarot services that offer free initial readings. The only other sensible choice would be to visit a beginner tarot reader that still needs to practice. But in that case, the readings may not be as accurate. So instead, we can make use of the free readings professional tarot readers offer to new customers. Most places have a policy of giving away three minutes of introductory reading for free. That lets us determine if the service in question is the real deal in time to back out or dive deeper into the tarot reading plans they offer.


How to Get a Tarot Reading From an Expert

If you want to give tarot cards a shot, finding an expert in your area may be tricky. That’s why online tarot reading services are the best option for many people out there. Still, it’s best to have some idea of what you can expect out of a session. 

Most tarot readings happen by phone or chat, though some services have started offering video chat options as well. Either one of these options lets us know that there’s a real person behind the reading. New users often have some kind of discount in addition to the three minutes of free reading at the beginning of the talk. 

While there are many services that charge by the minute or hour, others offer their clients an unlimited number of readings within a certain timeframe. At Tarotier, we’re prepared to offer you a 30 Day Membership or a 12 Month Membership. While the month-long plan doesn’t come with a reduced price option, the year-long commitment certainly does. Lastly, we have our VIP Lifetime Membership, which comes with all sorts of perks. And, similarly to the 12 Month Membership plan, the VIP tier is also available at a reduced price.


Gain Self-Knowledge and Reveal Your Life Path With Numerology!

The study of the relationship between our lives and numbers can deepen our self-knowledge and provide valuable insights that can inform our future decisions. Additionally, it can help us come to terms with certain flaws and play into our strengths. Ultimately, the information we learn from our numbers can propel us forward in a professional, personal, and social sense. 

At this point, the uninitiated might find themselves wondering what kind of numbers we’re talking about. So allow us to explain. 

According to numerology, our lives can be boiled down to a set of numbers. A person’s date of birth alone can tell us a lot about their talents, attitudes, apparent life path, and even the requirements they have to meet to achieve it. 

On top of that, we can get even more information by adding up the numerical values of the letters in their names. That can reveal a person’s Expression (or Destiny) number as well as their Soul Urge (otherwise known as Heart’s Desire) and Personality values. In the long term, knowing the basics of numerology could help you influence the lives of your children as well. You could simply give them a fortuitous name and watch the lucky numbers play out in real-time. And believe it or not, that’s just the very tip of the iceberg. With that in mind, let’s dive into the basic principles of numerology. 


Learn The Basic Principles Of Numerology 

Numerology can show us our strengths and weaknesses, discover solutions to our greatest problems, and understand the inner workings of our relationships even when things feel confusing. But how can a few numbers show us all those things? 

Essentially, each number on a numerology report is derived either from a person’s date of birth or their name. To see how it’s done, let’s calculate the Life Path Number of a person who was born on November 23rd, 1999. First, we’d individually add up the numbers in the month, day, and year. 

Since November is the eleventh month of the year, we’d add 1+1 to get 2. Next, we’d add up the numbers that made up the day of birth — 2+3 is 5. Lastly, we add up the individual numbers that make up the year 1999 to get 28, and then add those two numbers to get 10 — or rather 1. You see, the goal is to get to a single digit. 

So what does that number tell us about the person in question? Well, as the name suggests, Life Path numbers tell us the basic qualities of a person. In this case, the number we got is 8 (2+5+1), which is the path of empowerment.


On the one hand, this person is ambitious and resilient. Their ideas have the power to change the world for better or for worse. As we know, Life Path numbers can also reveal a person’s flaws which, in this case, would skew toward being power-hungry and cruel. 

Ultimately, the practice of numerology requires us to learn the symbolic meanings behind all Life Path numbers and then some. After all, in addition to that numeric value, a full report would contain many other clues about a person. 

What Does a Complete Numerology Report Contain?

Making one’s own numerology report is all well and good — but what kind of numbers can we get from a professional numerology service? Well, comprehensive reports typically contain the following: 

  • Life Path number, which is a rough sketch of what our lives can be, complete with any challenges that may arise;

  • Attitude number, which uses the day and month of birth to describe the traits other people know us for;

  • Generation number, which uses the year we were born to describe the burden of our whole generation;

  • Day of Birth number, which reveals any spiritual skills and abilities we might possess (that number is especially important during the most active period of our lives, between the ages of 25 and 55);

  • Expression (Destiny) number, which reveals our talents (we obtain this value by condensing the letters in our names down to a number);

  • Soul Urge (Heart’s Desire) number, which reveals the driving forces of our lives by ascribing a numeric value to the vowels in our names;

  • Personality number, which reveals the self-image we show to the world through the consonants in our names;

  • Maturity number, which tells us something about the later period of our lives (we get that number by adding our Life Path and Expression values and condensing them to a single digit)

Now, if any of these values are reduced to the numbers 11, 22, or 33, some numerologists may consider them master numbers, which have their own special set of meanings.

That gives us an infinite number of possibilities to work with. And on top of all that, professional reports can also contain daily, monthly, and yearly forecast cycles. So with all that being said — how do we choose the right numerology service?


Get Your Tarotier Numerology Report Today! 

If you’re just getting started on your numerology journey, we recommend getting a Full Personality Profile, to begin with. Alternatively, we could work up a Short Personality Profile Numerology Report for you, if you’re still on the fence. Or, if you want to start with something light, get the Lucky Numbers Numerology Report

Of course, as we know, numerology doesn’t merely reveal the inner workings of our minds and our destiny. It can also tell us a lot about the interpersonal relationships we’ve been working on. If you have a special someone in your life or even just a close friend you’d like us to check out for you, consider getting a Relationship Compatibility Numerology Report. We’ll tell you exactly how good — or bad — that person is for you. 

On the other hand, if your relationship is further along and you’re starting to think about kids — we could help you pick an auspicious name. In fact, with our 3 Name Advisor Numerology Report, we could compare your top picks and tell you which one will have the best outcomes. Needless to say, that service is also a useful tool for naming professional projects and startups. 

Lastly, if you’re ready for a more long-term commitment, why not get a sneak peek at the upcoming year? If you’re interested, check out our 12-Month Forecast Numerology Report. Or, if you’re ready to dive deeper, just go for the Diamond Numerology Report service. Just consider what you’d like to find out, and we will help you do that and more!


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